Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: My Art is My Voice   Leave a comment

 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow:

My Art is My Voice”

an exciting exhibition of

affordable original prints, drawings and mixed media works on paper

by a selection of extraordinary black artists

“Good art is what elevates us, compels us to see in it ourselves as we were, are and hope to be… The artist’s revolution is an on-going process, not an ad hoc historical event. He is engaged in a revolution of mind and feeling. He is a teacher, interpreter, a historian of feeling.”

Es’kia Mphahlele, 1988

The artists included in this exhibition use their art to voice how they feel about their heritage, their lives, and what goes on around them. Some reflect on their personal journeys – to their roots and to their future – or explore elements of their identities as African women and men. Some address the concept of shared humanity – in terms of the individual, family, community or ethnicity. Others draw on their experience growing up in rural areas or peri-urban townships, or they interpret how the city of Johannesburg and daily circumstances affect people’s lives – theirs and others. Time, space and memory, dreams and reality all play a part in their art.Many of these artists celebrate resilience, strength, making hard choices, and meeting challenges; others deal with pain, doubt and hardship. For some, most important is to acknowledge where they come from in order to move forward. They tell stories, comment on social issues, or simply create beautiful, moving images.The artists use various mediums including printmaking (etching, screen printing, monoprint, etc.), watercolours and pastels, collage, embroidery and embossing.All of these talented artists are working extremely hard to forge and maintain their careers as professional artists. Some have already achieved considerable success. Many have overcome incredible hurdles. Some have tragically not lived to fulfill their potential. All deserve the support of art lovers and collectors. A portion of the profit from this exhibition will go towards future exhibitions of young emerging artists.Some of the artists whose artwork will be shown are: Godrey Ndaba, Winston Saoli, Peter Sibeko, Dumisani Mabaso, Osiah Masekoameng, Nelson Makamo, John Taouss, Abe Mathabe, Zuko Felix Mpupu, Charles Morwape, and Jemmiro.


Posted September 24, 2012 by vulaamehlo

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