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“Images of Women: A Selection of Mixed Media Artworks”

at Upstairs@ Bamboo

Melville, Johannesburg

21-30 AUGUST 2012  

Introduction to the Catalogue

“Images of Women” is a group exhibition that features artworks by more than 30 mostly young and emerging artists from South Africa and several other Southern African countries. The use of various artistic mediums — drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture, tapestry, beading on canvas, digital and mixed media — will allow the artists to express themselves freely on the theme.

This exhibition takes place during Women’s Month. In order to honour women, we seek to highlight images of women which move away from the representation of women as “objects to be looked at” which simply serve to satisfy the desires and fantasies of viewers. We posit the need to reject the position of women as “other” and rather recognize them as the pillars at the centre of … (Read more)



An Art Exhibition by Emerging Artists

based in Johannesburg

From the 17 th November through December 2011

Art in the Forest, a stunning art gallery and ceramics studio located in Cecilia Forest, Constantia Nek, Cape Town, is pleased to present a group exhibition entitled “Passages”, comprising artworks by young emerging artists based in Johannesburg and surrounding areas. The artworks – linocuts, etchings, screen prints, mono prints, collages – offer the artists’ reflections on the challenges and opportunities in daily life. “Passages” evokes transitions from one condition or place to another, journeys, openings and boundaries, pathways and gateways. It can imply… (Read more)

Collaborative Creativity:

Grey SA and Vula Amehlo Art Development

Showcase Emerging Black Artists

June 2011

In June 2011, a partnership between Grey SA and Vula Amehlo Art Development resulted in the launch of an art exhibition by two young emerging artists in Grey’s South Africa head office in Bryanston. The initial connection between the two organizations was facilitated in April 2011 by Michelle Constant of Business Arts South Africa (BASA).

Grey SA is the local office of a major global advertising company – “a shining star” in the Grey network of 121 offices in 94 countries. Grey SA is known for its emphasis on strong creative and strategic interactions which allow for cross-pollination of … (Read more)
(Read more)

“ Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: My Art is My Voice”

Exhibition at Upstairs@Bamboo

Of original prints, drawings and mixed media works on paper

by a selection of extraordinary black artists

25 March – 3 April 2011


“Good art is what elevates us, compels us to see in it ourselves as we were, are and hope to be… The artist’s revolution is an on-going process, not an ad hoc historical event. He is engaged in a revolution of mind and feeling. He is a teacher, interpreter, a historian of feeling.”

Es’kia Mphahlele, 1988

The artists included in this exhibition use their art to voice how they feel about their heritage, their lives, and what goes on around them. Some reflect on their personal journeys – to their roots and to their future – or explore elements of their identities as African women and men. Some address the concept of shared humanity – in terms of the individual, family, community or ethnicity. Others draw on their experience growing up in rural areas or peri-urban townships, or they interpret how the city of Johannesburg and daily circumstances affect people’s lives – theirs and others. Time, space and memory, dreams and … (Read more)


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